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Yooperlites Aurora

Illuminate the beach like never before with the Yooperlites Aurora 365nm Longwave UV Flashlight.

This beast of a UV light boasts 4 ultra-powerful 365nm UV LED heads combined, unlike anything else on the market.

  • Length
  • Width
    2 3/4" x 2 3/4"
  • 4 365nm UV LED Heads
  • Weight
    22 ounces
  • 4 hour runtime
  • Active cooling technology

Super UV Power!

Brightest UV Light on the Market - Hands Down!

Whether you’re on the hunt for rare minerals like Yooperlites, or just love exploring after dark, the Aurora is your ticket to adventure.

The Aurora is the brightest UV flashlight light we've ever offered.

With its custom designed optics, and efficiently engineered heat-dissipating design, the Aurora is packed with power. Over 3 years of research & design went into this flashlight!

The possibilities are endless!

"It took 3 years, but I couldn't be prouder of the results: The Yooperlites Aurora. This is bright!"

Erik Rintamaki

  • Brighter than (4) Yooperlites Convoy C8s combined!

  • ZWB2 Filters pre-installed

  • 4 hours average runtime with active cooling technology

  • 2 power modes

  • Power House
    Enjoy 4 hours of average runtime on (4) 18650 3000mAh batteries (included!)
  • Longwave Brightness
    With more UV than any other light on the market, what discoveries will you find?
  • UV Glasses are a must!
    Always protect yourself! We highly recommend a pair of UV blocking sunglasses for Shortwave or Longwave UV

What if I already have another Yooperlites flashlight?

At Yooperlites, we try to offer a line of UV flashlights to meet every budget!

If you want the brightest UV light on the market, the Aurora is it.
If you want to find Yooperlites from unreal distances away, beyond the Convoy C8, this is it!

Unlock your summer nights with the Yooperlites Aurora.

What's in the box?

The Aurora is ready to hit the beach!

  • (1) Yooperlites Aurora 365nm 4 LED Flashlight

  • (1) Yooperlites 3000maH 18650 protected button-top batteries

  • 4 slot USB-C Battery Charger

  • Hardshell protective Yooperlites case

"I'm amazed at how bright this really is. Bingo!"

Safety Warning

This is not a toy! Longwave UV is powerful and needs to be treated with respect!

It is mandatory to use UV-blocking eyewear when operating this flashlight. Additionally, ensure that you do not point the light at your eyes or skin, as it may cause sunburns.

Customer Favorites

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Hand Picked Yooperlite
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Large bottle of Yooperlite dust - DIY projects! 2oz
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Willemite Chunk (1) piece
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Large Calcite Sphere


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one of a kind

Unique custom gifts, with that Yooperlite glow!

Take your UV game to the MAX

  • Built in charging & power (USB-C & USB-A)

  • 4 user replaceable 18650 batteries

  • 5x wider than Convoy C8 - Flood light style

"This flashlight blows away everything out there. It's a powerhouse and built to light up your world!"

Erik Rintamaki

Yooperlite MAX UV

The Yooperlites MAX UV is the latest 365nm filtered UV Flashlight; it packs 4 powerful LEDs, giving you the UV output of several Convoy C8 flashlights! The MAX light has a floodlight-style beam, which is approximately 5 times wider than the C8's pin spot.

So which one is better? The Convoy C8 has a far brighter UV hot spot and longer reach - still great for precision hunting. But the MAX's wider beam allows you to cover more area quicker. Plus, it comes with both USB-C and USB-A ports, so you can use it to power your phone or other devices, too!

Unlike the Convoy C8, the MAX has High, Medium and Low power settings - plus you can ramp up or down between those levels with a long press of the button. Plus its custom hardshell case with gray foam inserts and wrist lanyards make sure you don't drop it!

The package includes (4) 18650 button top batteries (battery brand may vary), a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, one small Yooperlite stone, a hardshell case and a 1 year warranty.

Reminder: These lights pack a lot of power. Keep in mind that like any other UV flashlight, it may get hot with extended run times - if so just turn off and let cool.
  • $99.99$149.99


  • FLOOD LIGHT - WIDE coverage allows you to cover more area quicker!

  • 4 LEDs - Packs a punch of power - great for hunting!

  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY - Each order comes with a 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee. We'll replace your Yooperlites MAX UV if there's ever an issue.


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Premium Yooperlite included with each order

The newest in the Yooperlites line is here - the MAX UV 365nm LED Flashlight Floodlight package! This UV flashlight packs the UV output of several Convoy C8s, with a beam that's approximately 5 times wider!

Plus, it has USB-C and USB-A ports for charging or using it as a power source. Unlike the Convoy C8, it offers High, Medium, and Low options, plus Ramp up/down with a long press.
Convoy C8
Yooperlites MAX UV

“The new Yooperlites MAX UV gives you a W-I-D-E beam of bright 365nm Longwave UV light, and loads of LED power to back it up. This light can light it up, and then some!”

Erik Rintamaki / Yooperlites

  • product Details
  • what's in the box


Longwave UV Flashlights



Light Power


Power Modes

High / Medium / Low / Stepless Dimming


Uses (4) button-top 18650 Li-Ion batteries (included!)


(1) Yooperlites MAX UV flashlight with ZWB2 UV filter glass, (4) 18650 batteries, (1) strap, (1) USB cable, (1) hardshell carrying case


1 Year Warranty

(1) Yooperlites MAX UV Flashlight with filter installed

(4) 18650 protected Lithium Ion batteries

(1) USB Cable, (1) Wrist Strap

(1) Small Yooperlite from Lake Superior. Perfect to know what to look for!

(1) Hardshell Case

Yooperlite Hunting Essentials

Recommended Additions

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Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles

Keep your eyes protected without sacrificing style or vision with these clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses. With a form-fitting design, they slip over most eyeglasses and provide full coverage. These clear glasses also block out 99.9% of UV light, making them perfect for outdoor activities. And with a scratch-resistant coating, you'll be able to enjoy these clear glasses for years to come.

These block 99.9 % of UV light. They also fit over most eyeglasses and wrap nicely on the sides to protect your eyes from your light and others. 

Features & details

  • Ideal visitor safety glasses, Scratch resistant coating
  • Fit over most prescription glasses
  • ANSI Z87. 1-1989 certified
  • High impact protection and optically correct lens make them extremely functional
  • Clear color, 99.9% UV protection, Impact polycarbonate lens
Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Sale Off
Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles

One pair of yellow tinted 99% UV blocking glasses. These work awesome when paired with any of the lights available at Yooperlites. 

These glasses enhance the wearers experience viewing Yooperlites with longwave UV and provide eye protection against harmful rays.

Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles

Magic is just a wavelength away

"Little did I think 5 years ago that thousands of people across the world would be using Yooperlites Flashlights to find rocks & minerals and more, let alone along the Great Lakes!

It amazes me to hear about what folks are discovering in their own backyards with Yooperlites Flashlights.

That moment when you discover something new that lights up? It's what I live for.

I hope you too can discover magic in your own backyard!"

erik rintamaki

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the yooperlites guarantee

Lifetime Warranty. It's that good.

Rockhound Approved

1. Great Lakes Tested

Before the Yooperlites Hunter made it on the website, Erik put the Convoy C8 thru the wringer. It's been accidentally dropped, thrown in backpacks, left on for too long, and most importantly, tested at night along the Great Lakes to find Yooperlites. Needless to say, it's ready for you and your adventures!

2. Yooperlites Simple Guarantee

We know you'll love using the Yooperlites C8 for all sorts of adventures. Know that if you have issues with your Convoy C8, we're here to support you! Each official Yooperlites C8 comes with a lifetime warranty. Having a problem? We'll swap it out for you - no problems!

For a clean future

Lake Superior is such a meaningful, clean place. I take care to try to leave the beach better than I found it.

I hope you show as much care for the land as I do. We can all play a part!

You'll find all sorts of things with the C8 flashlight other than Yooperlites. I hope if you find waste or garbage, you'll do the right thing and make the beaches a little cleaner.

The Great Lakes really are Great. As stewards of this land, let's keep it them Great!