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  • Limited offer on Rakkaus Studio jewelry - each piece is entirely unique. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Limited offer!

Lake Superior Inspired

Now featuring Yooperlites jewelry!

Custom made by Rakkaus Studio featuring elements from Lake Superior.

Yooperlite ring in sterling silver during the daylight

Reason to Glow

Inspired by the elements of Lake Superior, each piece of jewelry has been hand-crafted right here in Michigan by Rakkaus Studio. Some of Brooke's pieces incorporate Lake Superior agate and beach glass.

During daylight, you're able to admire the intricate details of Brooke's craftwork. Truly amazing.

Like the Aurora at night, the beauty of each piece is truly revealed in the dark under UV, when that beautiful glow appears!

Each design is unique, and a piece to be treasured for a lifetime.

Photos don't do these justice - really!

A Glowing Treatment

Whether you’re treating yourself or celebrating something special, our inspiring selection of custom jewelry means there's something special for everyone.

The collection from Rakkaus Studio includes jewelry with Yooperlites
as well as Ruby in Albite

This Ruby in Albite ring looks amazing during both the day and under UV.

Hand crafted in Michigan using raw materials & sterling silver.

Inspiring Assortment

The perfect pieces for every occasion.

Amazing Value

Unique designs, great values

Expert Designs
Hand-crafted, one of a kind

The Ultimate

treasure hunting battle!

Erik and the Coby from DudePerfect recently took part in a Treasure Hunting Battle with The Crystal Collector!

“I love Dude Perfect!"

 “I had an unbelievable experience finding Yooperlites with Coby from DudePerfect. He was blown away!

- erik rintamaki

Team Coby!

watch the battle!

In the craziest April weather (hey, it's the UP), Coby and Erik located all sorts of Yooperlites treasure! Find out how they did in the episode!

What they used on the episode...


Fun fact! Coby from DudePerfect used this same light in the YouTube Challenge!


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free Yooperlite with each order!

convoy c8 flashlight

pack of batteries