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Your adventure begins today!

Find Yooperlites. Discover Yourself.

When is the last time that you had the chance to get away from it all?

When is the last time that you stood at the shoreline of Lake Superior, and marveled at the beauty of the Northern Lights?

When is the last time you heard the tranquil beauty of waves gently lapping at a rocky shoreline in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

“Solitude on Lake Superior at night - amazing!"

Tour Attendee

Exclusive Trips

Find Yooperlites with the man that discovered them!

Each trip is limited to only (5) tour participants. This ensures plenty of time and peace to swap stores, learn from Erik and take in the beauty of Lake Superior!

Dinner Included!

Tours depart from Pine Stump Junction this year! We'll meet at 6:000pm for dinner! Each participant can enjoy a complimentary dinner at Pine Stump Junction - any menu item!

We'll have plenty of time to eat and swap rock tales before our off-road adventure begins! There's also plenty of parking.

Up for the challenge?

Want to experience some of the most remote locations on Lake Superior to locate Yooperlites?

This is the perfect excursion for families that loves an adventure!

Limited dates - book now!

Are you up for the adventure?

Not too many folks claim that Yooperlites are easy to find. That's a given.

If you're a RockHound, you know that the adventure to the beach is half the fun!

How about an adventure to Lake Superior that takes you along abandoned old logging roads, ORV trails and secret shortcuts to some of the most beautiful shoreline in the Upper Peninsula?

And what if that same trip was guided by the man that discovered Yooperlites?

And what if you actually found a few to keep? That'd be pretty cool. Here's your chance!


We’re not going where everybody else does.

That’s not how Erik does it.

We’ll be taking a new side-by-side off-road to our rocky beach destination!

We can only take (5) passengers per tour, all safely using seat belts, which makes the trip that much more fun!

This will give you an opportunity to not only meet Erik, but share your experiences with only a small group of Yooperlite fans!


Where will we eat? 🍔

This year, we’ll meet at Pine Stump Junction for a complimentary dinner(!), and to depart for our trip!

We’ll meet there at 6:00pm this year.

Dinner is included (per person) for our trip - anything on the menu! 🍕

You'll have plenty of time for Q&A with Erik and a select few Yooperlites fans!

A trip to remember

  • Complimentary dinner at Pine Stump Junction - any menu item!

  • Exclusive side-by-side transportation to remote Yooperlite hunting location

  • Convoy C8 Yooperlite Hunting UV Flashlight - $100 value - yours to keep!

  • Smaller groups in 2023 - only 5 participants per trip

  • Easy to find, easy to park. We drive you to the beach! Find those Yooperlites!

  • Erik Rintamaki will be your personal tour guide - the man who discovered Yooperlites!

Limited dates - book now!

"WOW - just WOW!"


Meet Erik Rintamaki - the man that discovered Yooperlites

Erik Rintamaki is a life long rock hound from Brimley Michigan.

In 2017 he was picking the shores of Lake Superior at night using longwave UV lights, and made the discovery of a lifetime! Every rock pickers dream is to find something new, and Erik did just that.

What Erik found was later tested and verified to be Syenites rich in fluorescent Sodalite, which he branded Yooperlites. Yooperlites have now become a worldwide phenomenon with thousands of articles and news stories written about them.

Erik has been featured on many TV shows and YouTube features recently, including The Discovery Channel and The History Channel.


  • How long are the tours?

All tours begin at 6:00pm at Pine Stump Junction. Plan on spending the evening on Lake Superior, with a return back to Pine Stump Junction between 11pm-midnight. This is an adventure, remember?

  • Who can attend the tour this year?

Due to the more extreme and off-road nature of our tours this year, it is required that all participants be able to ride in an off-road vehicle (250lb max per passenger) occupying a seat NO WIDER than 20". In addition, all participants must be able to safely traverse a 10' sand dune to the beach. For these reasons, a liability release is required to be signed for each participant.

  • What should I expect on the tour?

An experience you won't forget!

To start, we'll meet at the Pine Stump Junction, located north of Newberry. A complimentary dinner with Erik and (5) tour participants will be provided, along with ample time for Q&A!

After dinner, we'll load up in the side-by-side ORV, and travel thru the middle of nowhere, along logging roads and ORV trails until we get to our secret beach spot!

You'll have the evening to explore the beach along with Erik, and discover the tips and tricks to find those precious Yooperlites! Find Yooperlites? Great - you can keep as many as you're legally able to!

Most tours should return between 11pm-midnight back to Pine Stump Junction.

  • What should I bring on tour?

Our off-road vehicle is equipped with space to transport you, as well as your required Yooperlite hunting items. We'll have room for you to store your backpacks & gear for your adventure.

Lake Superior weather can change pretty darn quickly. We want to make sure your trip is enjoyable, here's some recommended items:

All tours begin at 6:00pm for dinner at Pine Stump Junction.
After dinner, tours depart from Pine Stump Junction on off-road vehicle to Lake Superior location
Tours will park and participants will need to descend a sand dune area to the beach
Tours typically return back to Pine Stump junction from 11:00pm-midnight. Summer in the UP means lots of daylight!

You must be physically capable & able to walk on uneven terrain.

In order to take the tour, you must weigh less than 250lbs and occupy a seat no larger than 20" in the off-road vehicle. You must be capable of climbing up/down a 10' sand dune area to the beach.

There is very limited cell phone service along Lake Superior.

Backpack or bag
A white LED flashlight
Proper footwear (hiking or muck boots) (DO NOT WEAR WHITE SOLED SHOES PLEASE)
A light rain jacket
Proper gear for the time of year
Snack & Drink