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Yooperlites Mini

  • Great for just getting started!
  • Perfect for on the go - store in your travel bag or purse!

  • Small, lightweight and budget friendly

  • Built in charger!

  • Runs on (1) 18650 Battery

  • Longwave 365nm UV

Convoy C8

  • Our most popular light!

  • Spotlight style beam - really find those Yooperlites

  • Small, lightweight and budget friendly

  • Must remove batteries to charge

  • Runs on (2) 18650 Batteries

  • Longwave 365nm UV

  • The Convoy C8 comes in the Yooperlite Hunter Package, Yooperlite Hunter Digital Package, and Yooperlite Adventure Pro Package

Yooperlites MAX UV

  • Flood light style beam - search WIDE!

  • 5X wider beam than Yooperlites C8

  • 4 LEDS - lots of power!

  • Built in charging AND power bank!

  • Runs on (4) 18650 Batteries

  • Longwave 365nm UV

Pro Picks
The ultimate packs are available!

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NEW Yooperlite Mini 3 Watt 365nm Flashlight USB
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Convoy C8 Adventure Pro Package
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Ultimate Convoy S2 Yooperlite Package
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Dust in a Baggie and Light Combo

The little UV light that could - only $20!

Fits in a bag or purse. Easy to carry - have a UV light everywhere you go!

New and improved 3 watt Yooperlite Mini 365nm filtered UV flashlight package.

This new Yooperlite Mini has a much larger 14500 internal lithium ion rechargeable battery 🔋, for longer lasting power. This light is slightly bigger than the last version and is actually bright enough for children and adults to hunt with. You'll enjoy a maximum hunting distance of 10 to 15 feet (in the dark).

Comes with 1 Yooperlite Mini 3 watt Flashlight with installed ZWB2 filter, a USB charging cable, and a Yooperlite Stone. 

Comes with a 1 year warranty!

This is the perfect light to buy for large groups or families on a budget.


Introducing the Yooperlites MAX UV

Take your UV game to the MAX

  • Built in charging (USB-C & USB-A)

  • 4 user replaceable 18650 batteries

  • 5x wider & 3x stronger beam than Co

"This flashlight blows away everything out there. It's a powerhouse and built to light up your world!"

Erik Rintamaki


  • 5X wider beam than the Convoy C8

  • 3X LED output of the Convoy C8

  • Multiple brightness settings

Convoy C8
Yooperlites MAX UV

“The new Yooperlites MAX UV gives you a W-I-D-E beam of bright 365nm Longwave UV light, and loads of LED power to back it up. This light can light it up, and then some!”

Erik Rintamaki / Yooperlites

  • On Board Charging
    The days of looking for a battery charger are over. Enjoy built in charging of your batteries via the USB-C port.
  • Wide Beam Coverage
    5X wider beam coverage compared to Convoy C8. While the C8 shines for precision and distance, the MAX UV works well for coverage of wide areas.
  • Mobile Power
    It doesn't just stop at USB-C; the MAX UV also has USB-A power. Use the power of the (4) 18650 batteries to charge your phone & more! Wow!