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Introducing the Aurora

Illuminate the beach like never before with the Yooperlites Aurora 365nm Longwave UV Flashlight.
This beast of a UV light boasts 4 ultra-powerful 365nm UV LED heads combined, unlike anything else on the market.

Aurora Longwave UV

  • Length
    6" long
  • Width
    2 3/4" x 2 3/4"
  • 4 365nm UV LED Heads
  • Weight
    22 ounces
  • 4 hour runtime
  • Active cooling technology

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Yooperlites AURORA 365nm UV Flashlight w/ Active Cooling Technology
  • Back in stock!

  • Most powerful UV Flashlight that we've ever offered

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 4 hours of runtime from single set of Yooperlites 18650 batteries (included!)

  • Free Hardshell Protective Case Included

  • 1-year warranty. (Must use Yooperlites batteries. Warranty is void if other batteries are used.)

  • Perfect balance of power & performance with the Aurora's innovative cooling system

  • What's in the box: 4-slot USB-C charger, (4) Yooperlites 18650 3000MAh batteries, Aurora UV flashlight, Protective Hardshell Case, Wrist Lanyard

3 years ago, I had a crazy idea to make a UV flashlight that would not overheat and be more powerful than anything else on the market. Well after 3 years of research and development I am pleased to announce the Yooperlites AURORA is finally here!

Why did it take 3 years? Well after coming up with the idea to try and use a fan to cool a flashlight, we ran into many issues! I do extensive testing on all my lights, and I refuse to sell junk. And even though there were many setbacks and failures, we kept going and did a complete redesign after airflow became an issue. I won't bore you with the entire process, but we went through many different designs and prototypes.

The AURORA is the 1st brushless fan-cooled 4 head UV flashlight on the market!

Why buy the AURORA?

With 4 separate heads & separate LEDs, this is by far, the most powerful 365nm UV flashlight I have ever used! Each head puts out much more UV output than a single Convoy C8.

When you add all 4 heads together this light goes further, shines brighter, and wider than any other UV flashlight I have ever used. 

  • 4 heads = a wider beam of UV light. All 4 heads are 365nm UV and have ZWB2 filters installed.
  • A single beam of UV light from the AURORA goes even further than the Convoy C8! I did a demonstration recently where I lit up a Yooperlite at over 60 feet away! (The Convoy C8 reached 50 feet)
  • Active Cooling Technology - Brushless fan cooled and will not overheat.
  • Enjoy long run times of up to 4 hours with the fan running and the power on the high setting!
  • High & low output functions that can be accessed by using a half press of the power button. It also features a tripod mount on the bottom of the light, as well as a lanyard hook on top of the head and 2 spots on a swivel mount near the base of the handle. 

Hours of Runtime

I have gotten 4 hours of runtime from a single set of 4 batteries. Need to replace the batteries and keep going? Simply swap out with a fresh set!

Inside of each AURORA is a built-in brushless fan. It is ultra quiet and uses very little battery power.  The AURORA has 2 vents, with one on each side of the flashlight head. Each vent has a mesh screen that helps keep sand and dust out of the light.

What's in the box?

The Yooperlites AURORA comes with a hardshell case, (4) Yooperlites brand 18650 3000mah protected button top batteries, a wrist lanyard, and a 4-slot USB-C battery charger.

The wrist lanyard is easily adjustable for any size wrist. I highly recommend using the lanyard as you do not want to drop this light if possible!

  • 1 - Aurora 365nm UV flashlight
  • 1 - 4 slot USB-C battery charger
  • 4 - Yooperlites brand 18650 3000mah protected button top lithium ion batteries.
  • 1 - Hardshell case for the AURORA
  • 1 - Wrist lanyard

UV eye protection is essential when using this light. With the power of this light I would not use it without UV eye protection.

I highly recommend purchasing additional batteries and UV eye protection for use with the AURORA.


The Yooperlites AURORA comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.  Warranty will void if different batteries are used. The provided Yooperlites 18650 batteries are sized for this flashlight. Other brands may be the wrong size and can harm your AURORA. The AURORA is NOT waterproof or water resistant. Exposing this light to water will void the warranty and may cause harm. 

Why You'll Love the Aurora

The Yooperlites Aurora is packed with power. Magic in your hands!
  • Active cooling management = longer runtimes
  • Brighter, wider beam than any other UV flashlight I've used
  • Shine the light where others can't!
  • Brightest combined beam out there. Darkness doesn't stand a chance!
  • Up to 4 hours of non-stop action
  • Custom optics & thoughtful design
The Yooperlites Aurora is the brightest UV flashlight available!

Active Cooling

Enjoy extended runtimes, thanks to active cooling technology, built-in to the Yooperlites Aurora!

A custom designed cooling chamber houses a tiny, ultra quiet brushess fan. Cool air gets brought in, and warmer air get vented out with mesh screens that help keep sand & dust away!

This means no overheating, even after hunting for hours!

Versatile & Capable

Over 3 years of thoughtful design went into the Aurora.

Get innovative, thanks to the convenient built-in threaded mount & adapter.

The Yooperlites Aurora contains 3 convenient mounting points for storage, or for the securing with the included adventure wrist lanyard!

Unrivaled power & coverage

  • AURORA provides a massive beam of UV light at over 60ft away, further than the Convoy C8

  • AURORA is the 1st brushless fan-cooled 4 head UV flashlight

  • Unrivaled power and coverage with 4 separate heads and LEDs in a single flashlight

  • Professional-grade UV flashlight that uses innovative cooling technologies to prevent overheating

  • 4 hours of runtime from single set of 4 batteries

  • Built-in brushless fan is ultra-quiet and uses minimal battery power

Other lights don't come close

It took over 3 years of testing, research & development to create the Aurora.

It's everything you'll want in a powerful UV flashlight!

Convoy C8

  • 1 UV LED

    1 365nm UV LED with ZWB2 filter. The Yooperlites Convoy C8 is is bright enough for most folks - it's plenty bright on it's own!

  • Plenty of power

    For most folks, the C8 & Yooperlites MAX+ are plenty of power and great for getting started. But for those that just want more, there's the Aurora.

Yooperlites Aurora

  • 4 UV LEDs

    See it all with 4 365nm UV LED heads, each with a ZWB2 filter.

    We get it, you like really bright lights. Safety first, eh!

  • Outshine the night

    Thanks to the innovative design, this light goes further, shines brighter, and wider than any other UV flashlight I have ever used.

  • Engineered Powerhouse

    Active cooling technology prevents overheating! Enjoy run times up to 4 hours!

Recommended Gear - Safety First!

No kidding here, it's Safety First!

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Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles

One pair of yellow tinted 99% UV blocking glasses. These work awesome when paired with any of the lights available at Yooperlites. 

These glasses enhance the wearers experience viewing Yooperlites with longwave UV and provide eye protection against harmful rays.

Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Tinted UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
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Yooperlites Brand 18650 battery Pair

I am very happy to announce the switch to my very own Yooperlites battery brand. These are suitable for every flashlight sold at that uses 18650 batteries. 

Why choose Yooperlites 18650 batteries?

Yooperlites 18650 batteries are button top and perfect to be used in unison, with flashlight like the Convoy C8.

Yooperlites 18650 batteries are sold in pairs and come with a FREE clear plastic storage case!

Yooperlites 18650 batteries are 3000mah for loads of power and super long runtime in all Yooperlites UV flashlights!

Yooperlites 18650 batteries have a built in protection chip, so you never have to worry about over charging or under charging these batteries.  Keeping you and your flashlights safe.

Yooperlites 18650 batteries are guaranteed to work for 2000 recharges!

In 2023 all Yooperlites flashlight packages will be transitioning to these batteries.  I will no longer sell any other brand of 18650 batteries. 

Yooperlites Brand 18650 battery Pair
Yooperlites Brand 18650 battery Pair
Yooperlites Brand 18650 battery Pair
Yooperlites Brand 18650 battery Pair
Yooperlites Brand 18650 battery Pair