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Yooperlites Rock

Convoy C8 (365nm UV)

"Hand-picked from the shores of Lake Superior.

Photos can't compare to the experience of holding one of these in your hands. Get ready for wow!" -Erik

  • $21.99$24.99
  • HAND SELECTED - Each piece has been hand selected by the man that discovered Yooperlites, Erik Rintamaki!

  • GLOW - Experience the unique "glow" of Yooperlites, best shown under longwave 365nm UV (like the Convoy C8 or the budget 3-watt light.

  • GREAT GIFT - This is the unique gift for the rock & gem lover. Ready to display!

Product Details

Erik Rintamaki, the creator of Yooperlites, hand-picks each and every one of these special rocks. Each Yooperlite is unique and one of a kind - you won't find two Yooperlites that are exactly alike. You need a quality UV light to see the "glow" in Yooperlites, but when you do, you'll be amazed at the premium fire that Yooperlites emit.

Hand picked & selected by Erik Rintamaki

Each Yooperlite is unique and one of a kind! You'll receive (1) Yooperlite.

  • Small: less than 1 ounce.
  • Medium: less than 2oz average
  • Large: less than 4oz average

Please note: you will need a quality UV light, like the Yooperlite Hunter Package or Yooperlite Mini in order to see the unique Yooperlite "glow"

To see the fluorescent (glow) effect you must use longwave 365nm filtered UV lights, also available in the Top Flashlights section

Quarter shown in images for size reference


Each rock is completely unique and hand selected.

It's like Night & Day...

Here's a small Yooperlite:


Here's a medium Yooperlite


Here's a large Yooperlite. Oh yeah, it's beautiful!


What do I need to see Yooperlites glow?

The real magic of Yooperlites is unlocked when they're displayed under UV.

365nm longwave lights work best for making that glow "pop", but not all UV lights give the same results.

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Thousands of happy customers use these flashlights to find Yooperlites and other things that glow and fluoresce like gems & minerals.

"I'm a rock nut. I want to find Yooperlites where others can't."

Customer favorite! The Yooperlite Hunter package has it all, and then some!

Complete with extra batteries, a handy usb charger and a lifetime warranty, the Yooperlite Hunter package provides plenty of bang for the buck.

This is what Erik Rintamaki uses every day. That's saying something.

"I'd love a small flashlight that fits in my purse or backpack. I have a $20 budget."

Moms of all ages love this! The 3 Watt Yooperlite Mini is not only powerful, it's value priced! This is a flashlight that the entire family can use, and at a price for everyone in the family to have one!

A great gift! Fits perfectly in the glovebox, and small enough to pack in the backpack or purse. Built in battery & usb charging for easy charging on the go!

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one of a kind

Unique custom gifts, with that Yooperlite glow!

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