Official Yooperlites Treasure Map

  • Durable, Lake Superior Tested Map

  • 10 locations to find Yooperlites in the UP!

  • Map covers Paradise, MI to Grand Marais, MI

  • 12"x18" Official Yooperlites Treasure Map is weatherproof & tear-resistant.

"Days of Yooperlites hunting in the UP!"

Erik Rintamaki

The durable Yooperlites Treasure Map makes it narrow down your rock hunt in the UP

Plan your Adventure!

Discover the ultimate adventure with the brand new Yooperlites Treasure Map, launched in July 2024 by Erik. Our official map features 10 Secret Locations to find Yooperlites! This rugged & durable 12"x18" map is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, making it perfect for your Lake Superior expeditions.

  • $20.00


  • DAYS OF BEACHES! Erik located 10 secret spots for you to find Yooperlites in the UP!

  • PLAN WHAT'S FEASIBLE - Convenient mileage calculations from 5 destinations to all 10 beaches. From Paradise to Grand Marais, we have you covered.

  • DURABLE - Our tear-resistant, waterproof, grease-resistant, Lake Superior tested map can stand up to everything and then some.

  • ENJOY YOUR TRIP - We make it easy to help plan your adventure & which beaches to access while visiting the Upper Peninsula!

  • GO DIGITAL! - Map includes a 7 day Pro trial of YooperMaps, our digital companion - zoom on in with your phone!

Why Choose the Yooperlites Treasure Map?
  • Find Hidden Treasures: Explore 10 secret locations to hunt Yooperlites in the Upper Peninsula.

  • Built to Last: Waterproof and tough, this map can be rolled up, stuffed in your backpack, or dropped in water & still be ready for action.

  • Vibrant and Detailed: Enjoy a durable matte finish that ensures clarity and easy reading.

Exclusive Local Deals and Features:

Save 10% at Seder's Wood Fired Pizza in Newberry.
Special Coupon for customers at U.P. Trading & Exclusive Moose in Newberry.

Plan Your Adventure:
Get access to featured local places to stay, eat, and explore. Don't miss out on your next Yooperlites adventure. 

Add the Yooperlites Treasure Map to your cart now and start uncovering the secrets of the Upper Peninsula!
Yooperlites Treasure Map - Your Guide to Hidden Yooperlites

“The new Yooperlites Treasure Map makes it easy to plan your UP adventure! I've packed it with 10 secret locations, from easy to adventure. It'd take you 10 nights to visit all these spots!

Erik Rintamaki / Yooperlites

Durable Yooperlites Treasure Map 12x18

Plan Your Adventure the Yooperlites Travel Map & YooperMaps

On the back of the map, we've featuring local business on our Yooperlites Treasure Map:

Places to Stay - Suites, Motels & Camping options
Places to Eat - Dine with featured Yooperlites partners
Things to Do - Featured gift shops & family entertainment

Many local businesses were impacted by the lack of winter tourism this past year. Support our local partners while you're visiting the UP!

Discover & Explore!

Get exclusive access to the ultimate rock-hounders web app, YooperMaps!

Zoom right in on the map, get tons of detail. Plan your trip!

On your phone, use geolocation to zoom right in (cell service required). 

We also provide GPX trail downloads in the app!

We provide timely trail reports, accurate directions, and interactive maps & a dashboard to help you successfully plan & enjoy your vacation/adventure!
Yooperlites App - YooperMaps helps you find Yooperlites with your phone!

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Kimberly K
The app was great

Great help for our trip to find yooper lights!

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12"x18" full color matte finish


Paradise to Grand Marais, with insets of Grand Marais, Newberry & Paradise.


(1) Yooperlites Treasure Map, featuring 10 secret locations to find Yooperlites.

About the Map

This map is intended for informational purposes & does not guarantee that you will find Yooperlites.

Use your common sense, navigational aids such as OnX, AllTrails, or Google Maps & Apple Maps with areas downloaded in advance for offline mode.

Always research & follow local laws, regulations & best practices when visiting any location. 

You are solely responsible for your safety & any damages incurred during your trip.

Yooperlite Hunting Essentials

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Keep your eyes protected without sacrificing style or vision with these clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses. With a form-fitting design, they slip over most eyeglasses and provide full coverage. These clear glasses also block out 99.9% of UV light, making them perfect for outdoor activities. And with a scratch-resistant coating, you'll be able to enjoy these clear glasses for years to come.

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Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
Clear UV Protective Eyewear Glasses or Goggles
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NEW Yooperlite Mini 3 Watt 365nm Flashlight USB-C

New and improved for 2024 season!
3 watt Yooperlite Mini 365nm filtered UV flashlight package. NOW WITH USB-C CONNECTION! 

This new Yooperlite Mini has a much larger 14500 internal lithium ion rechargeable battery 🔋, for longer lasting power. This light is slightly bigger than the last version and is actually bright enough for children and adults to hunt with! You'll enjoy a maximum hunting distance of 10 to 15 feet (in the dark).

Comes with 1 Yooperlite Mini 3 watt Flashlight with installed ZWB2 filter, a USB-C charging cable.

Comes with a 1 year warranty!

This is the perfect light to buy for large groups or families on a budget.

The Yooperlites Mini no longer comes with a Yooperlite stone. 

NEW Yooperlite Mini 3 Watt 365nm Flashlight USB-C
NEW Yooperlite Mini 3 Watt 365nm Flashlight USB-C
NEW Yooperlite Mini 3 Watt 365nm Flashlight USB-C

Magic is just a wavelength away

"Little did I think 6 years ago that thousands of people across the world would be using Yooperlites Flashlights to find rocks & minerals and more, let alone along the Great Lakes!

It amazes me to hear about what folks are discovering in their own backyards with Yooperlites Flashlights.

That moment when you discover something new that lights up? It's what I live for.

I hope you too can discover magic in your own backyard!"

erik rintamaki


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