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yooperlites jewelry

A unique glow that's unforgettable can be yours. Custom jewelry featuring Yooperlites as well as Ruby in Albite.

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Yooperlites Carved Skull Necklace
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Yooperlites flat Matte polished Necklace
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Yooperlites Michigan shaped necklace
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#26 Yooperlites Mushroom Necklace
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#23 Yooperlites Turtle Necklace
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#21 Yooperlites Alien Pendant
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#20 Yooperlites polished necklace

the gift of a lifetime

This jewelry shines, day or night!.

With exclusive jewelry featuring Yooperlites as well as Ruby in Albite jewelery.

Hand crafted using elements such as sterling silver, fine silver and copper.

Limited offer!

Lake Superior Inspired

Yooperlite ring in sterling silver during the daylight

A True Reason to Glow

During daylight, you're able to admire the intricate details of our custom jewelry. Truly amazing.

Like the Aurora at night, the beauty of each piece is truly revealed in the dark under UV, when that beautiful glow appears!

Each design is unique, and a piece to be treasured for a lifetime.

Photos don't do these justice - really!