Dust in a Baggie

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  • ENDLESS OPTIONS - Use Yooperlite Dust in your next art, craft or hobby project!

  • EASY TO HOLD - Included UV flashlight is easy to hold and carry - great for the family! Convenient wrist strap prevents dropping.

Where else can you get into an exciting hobby for such a low price?

This amazing Dust in a Baggie & Light combo kit is perfect for the hobbyist and won't break the bank.

It includes a 365nm 3-watt Yooperlite Mini that's packed with power! Plus, it has an integrated battery and USB charging capability, so you'll never have to search for those items again. With this Mini, users can expect around an hour and a half of runtime.

The included Yooperlites Dust comes from Premium Fire Yooperlites, crushed to a 400 mesh. It's great for all sorts of applications!

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Erik meets Billy Strings!

I recently had the opportunity to make a few special gifts for Grammy Award winning artist and Michigan native Billy Strings! The kid can jam!

1 pack of your very own Yooperlites Dust in a Baggie - as seen with Michigan native Billy Strings!

Premium Fire Yooperlites hand selected by Erik Rintamaki and crushed to 400 mesh to ensure a very fine and consistent powdered “dust” that has an *amazing glow* under longwave 365nm filtered UV.

    (1) pack of Yooperlites Dust & (1) Yooperlites 3-watt UV flashlight w/ battery

Ways to use Yooperlites dust:

Resin Art

Artwork - add to various paints

Sculpting - add to base material

Decorative - add to displays

Magic is just a wavelength away

"Little did I think 5 years ago that thousands of people across the world would be using Yooperlites Flashlights to find rocks & minerals and more, let alone along the Great Lakes!

It amazes me to hear about what folks are discovering in their own backyards with Yooperlites Flashlights.

That moment when you discover something new that lights up? It's what I live for.

I hope you too can discover magic in your own backyard!"

erik rintamaki

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1 Year Warranty on the Yooperlite Mini!
98% Customer Satisfaction Rate
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Rockhound Approved

1. Great Lakes Tested

Erik tests each and every flashlight to make sure they work for finding Yooperlites in all sorts of conditions. The Yooperlites Mini is no exception - it's been tested and works great to find Yooperlites and other items! Needless to say, it's ready for you and your adventures!

2. Yooperlites Simple Guarantee

We know you'll love using the Yooperlites Mini for all sorts of adventures. Know that if you have issues with your flashlight, we're here to support you! Each official Yooperlites Mini comes with a 1 year warranty. Having a problem? We'll swap it out for you - no problems!

For a clean future

Lake Superior is such a meaningful, clean place. I take care to try to leave the beach better than I found it.

I hope you show as much care for the land as I do. We can all play a part!

You'll find all sorts of things with the Yooperlites Mini flashlight other than Yooperlites. I hope if you find waste or garbage, you'll do the right thing and make the beaches a little cleaner.

The Great Lakes really are Great. As stewards of this land, let's keep it them Great!

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Dust in a Baggie and Light Combo

This listing is for one half ounce Dust in a Baggie and 3 watt Yooperlites mini uv flashlight! buying it this way saves you big over ordering separately. 

You will receive one half ounce Dust in a Baggie just like Billy Strings received for his birthday and one Yooperlites Mini 3 watt Flashlight. Each light turns the dust from ordinary to extraordinary!!!! Grey in white light and comes to life in a blaze of orange under UV!!!

Dust in a Baggie and Light Combo
Dust in a Baggie and Light Combo
Dust in a Baggie and Light Combo