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Bag of Yooperlite Dust

Bag of Yooperlite Dust

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Each bag of Yooperlites "Picie Dust" is a mixture of Premium Fire Yooperlites hand selected by Erik Rintamaki and crushed yo 400 mesh, using an industrial rock crusher for a very fine and consistent powdered dust that has amazing Glow under longwave 365nm filtered UV.  

This dust works great in Epoxy and many other crafts and projects! I use it in all of my Yooperlites channel rings. And now even have glass blowers, paint artists and crafters are using this dust for numerous different applications!


This listing is for one half ounce bag of Yooperlites dust. It is enough to make 6 to 8 Yooperlites dust channel rings. 

To see the fluorescent glow effect you must use longwave 365nm filtered UV light also available at www.yooperlites.com