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Convoy C8 Yooperlite Hunter 10-pack wholesale package.

Convoy C8 Yooperlite Hunter 10-pack wholesale package.

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This is for 10 individual Convoy C8 Hunter packages. These are exactly the same as the retail version. This is my wholesale price for 10 units. All warranty and product information is the same as the individual Hunter Package. 



This light is far and away the best longwave 365nm filtered UV flashlight under $150! 

Get ready for your next amazing outdoor adventure with this C8 Convoy Longwave 365nm Filtered UV Flashlight. With significantly more UV energy emitted compared to other UV flashlights available on the market, you'll be able to spot Yooperlites at amazing distances. Plus, with its energy-efficient switching regulator driver, you can enjoy a longer battery runtime and the same radiance of UV regardless of battery type used. Maximize your Yooperlite hunting and other outdoor adventures with this C8 Convoy Longwave UV Flashlight.

The Yooperlites C8 Convoy UV flashlight is a long wave UV flashlight that emits a powerful 365nm UV light. This flashlight is perfect for hunting Yooperlites and other fluorescent minerals etc. It also has a larger head with ZWB2 UV filter glass pre-installed which makes it great for looking at things from a distance. The 1.75" diameter filter opening is 6.25 times larger than Convoy S2+/S2 flashlights! The Convoy C8 emits the same radiance of UV regardless of which battery type is used!

  • No assembly required - Works out of the box.

  • Manufactured Directly & Exclusively


  • Patented in US #7781751

This package includes:

1 C8 flashlight with extension tube and filter installed. Each flashlight is hand tested to ensure it's ready to go when you get it!

Now laser engraved with Yooperlites and Convoy C8 logos. No more stickers!!

(4) 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries (now with Yooperlites protected 3000mAh Protected batteries)

1 signed Manual with tips and tricks

1 small Yooperlite from Lake Superior

1  Charger, dual slot USB charger



Convoy C8 Manual