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The Yooperlite Hunter Package
  • Everything you need to find Yooperlites and more!

  • Includes (4) premium batteries & dual charger

  • Complimentary Yooperlite included!

Yooperlite Hunter

    3.4k reviews

  • $99.99$150.00


  • SLEEK POWER - Used by thousands to find Yooperlites and more!

  • RUN LONGER - Designed to outrun and outlast the competition.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Each order comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. We'll replace your C8 if there's ever an issue.

Want to find Yooperlites? This is the best longwave 365nm filtered UV flashlight on the market today!

Significantly more UV energy emitted compared to most UV flashlights on the market. Run the light cooler and longer thanks to an energy-efficient regulator driver.

1.5A drive current means constant lighting thru the operation of the flashlight.

New Luminous 365nm LED heatsinked to the flashlight housing allows for cooler operation. Large head with ZWB2 UV filter glass pre-installed! 1.75" diameter filter opening is 6.25X larger than Convoy S2+/S2 flashlights.

Uses two button-top 18650 Li-Ion batteries for longer operating time compared to RCR123A cells.

Most folks enjoy over 3 hours of typical runtime with a set of (2) of our premium 18650 batteries! We include an extra set of batteries in the Yooperlite Hunter package, to ensure that you've got a spare pair!


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Premium Yooperlite included with each order

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Longwave UV Flashlights



Drive Current



Luminous 365nm LED System (New!)


Large head w/ ZWB2 UV filter glass pre-installed. 1.75" diameter filter opening.


Uses (2) button-top 186520 Li-Ion batteries, also runs on RCR123A cells with shorter runtime.


(1) Convoy C8, (4) 18650 premium batteries (2600mAh), (1) Smart Dual Slot charger, (1) complimentary Yooperlites stone, (1) Signed copy of the mineral news


Limited Lifetime Warranty

(1) Convoy C8 Flashlight with extension tube and filter installed

(4) 18650 Tenergy protected Lithium Ion batteries (2600 mAh)

(1) Signed copy of The Mineral News

(1) Small Yooperlite from Lake Superior. Perfect to know what to look for!

(1) Xtar Dual Slot USB Smart Charger

Magic is just a wavelength away

"Little did I think 5 years ago that thousands of people across the world would be using Yooperlites Flashlights to find rocks & minerals and more, let alone along the Great Lakes!

It amazes me to hear about what folks are discovering in their own backyards with Yooperlites Flashlights.

That moment when you discover something new that lights up? It's what I live for.

I hope you too can discover magic in your own backyard!"

erik rintamaki

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the yooperlites guarantee

Lifetime Warranty. It's that good.
98% Customer Satisfaction Rate
Used by Thousands!
How does the Yooperlites C8 work?
Our flagship flashlight, the Yooperlites C8 has been used to find thousands of Yooperlites.
  • Cuts out the BS
    A specialized filter in the Yooperlites C8 makes it easy to find Yooperlites. Instead of a big broad beam that people can see from half a mile away, you can precision hunt from a distance.
  • Hunt all night
    Each Yooperlite Hunter package includes (4) complimentary Premium Li-Ion batteries ready for hours of hunting! Easily swap out batteries with our accessory battery holster pack.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Each Yooperlites C8 comes with a Lifetime Warranty. No questions asked.

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Rockhound Approved

1. Great Lakes Tested

Before the Yooperlites Hunter made it on the website, Erik put the Convoy C8 thru the wringer. It's been accidentally dropped, thrown in backpacks, left on for too long, and most importantly, tested at night along the Great Lakes to find Yooperlites. Needless to say, it's ready for you and your adventures!

2. Yooperlites Simple Guarantee

We know you'll love using the Yooperlites C8 for all sorts of adventures. Know that if you have issues with your Convoy C8, we're here to support you! Each official Yooperlites C8 comes with a lifetime warranty. Having a problem? We'll swap it out for you - no problems!

For a clean future

Lake Superior is such a meaningful, clean place. I take care to try to leave the beach better than I found it.

I hope you show as much care for the land as I do. We can all play a part!

You'll find all sorts of things with the C8 flashlight other than Yooperlites. I hope if you find waste or garbage, you'll do the right thing and make the beaches a little cleaner.

The Great Lakes really are Great. As stewards of this land, let's keep it them Great!