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"Time to dust off your Convoy C8, freshen up your batteries and hit the beaches. Here's a few Pro Picks and ideal upgrades that really make things glow!

Until next time, keep your batteries restocked & charged!"

- Erik Rintamaki
Pro Picks
Get the ultimate accessories for your Convoy C8!

The little UV light that could - only $20!

Fits in a bag or purse. Easy to carry - have a UV light everywhere you go!

New and improved 3 watt Yooperlite Mini 365nm filtered UV flashlight package. NOW WITH USBC CONNECTION! No longer comes with a Yooperlite stone...

This new Yooperlite Mini has a much larger 14500 internal lithium ion rechargeable battery 🔋, for longer lasting power. This light is slightly bigger than the last version and is actually bright enough for children and adults to hunt with. You'll enjoy a maximum hunting distance of 10 to 15 feet (in the dark).

Comes with 1 Yooperlite Mini 3 watt Flashlight with installed ZWB2 filter, a USBC charging cable.

Comes with a 1 year warranty!

This is the perfect light to buy for large groups or families on a budget.

The Yooperlites Mini no longer comes with a Yooperlite stone. 


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