May tours & excursions

(This post is for customers that have already booked their May excursion.)

Hi this is Erik Rintamaki from

It is almost time for your Superior Excursion for Yooperlites North of Newberry Michigan on County Road 407.

Starting Saturday May 26th I will be staying at the Winter Haven motel 10 miles South of Muskellonge State Park on county road 407.

You will receive your light package and there will be a liability form that will need to be signed before the tour starts.

I left us plenty of time so we can all get acclimated to the beach, and there may be a short drive ( under 10 miles) depending upon beach conditions.
Please dress accordingly for cold weather, rain, and bugs! It looks like a mixed bag weather wise.

I am so excited for you all to find your 1st Yooperlites and experience the most beautiful beaches in the world! I hope you are ready! I am!!

Erik Rintamaki

Please remember there is basically no cell service or wifi in these locations, so contacting me may be difficult.