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2021 Yooperlite Tours - find Yooperlites at night on Lake Superior

2021 Yooperlites Experience Tours have completed. Look for 2022 tour details shortly!

Lake Superior is calling you

The experience of finding Yooperlites with Erik and a few like-minded rockhounds will be something you won't forget.

Imagine yourself there now, on Lake Superior as the sun sets on a summer evening, as the beach begins to glow.

No doubt, it will be the highlight of your time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Make new friends & new memories this year!



We have a passion for rocks. Finding them, displaying them, and showing them to all our friends! And if you don't, you know someone who does!

To us, it's more than just a hobby, it's an obsession.

The nighttime experience of finding a Yooperlite on Lake Superior is second-to-none. Rediscover the magic you witnessed when you held your first Yooperlite, and watch them glow again, on the shores of Lake Superior!

Your Host

Erik Rintamaki is a life long rock hound from Brimley Michigan. In 2017 he was picking the shores of Lake Superior at night using longwave UV lights, and made the discovery of a lifetime! Every rock pickers dream is to find something new and Erik did just that. What Erik found was later tested and verified to be Syenites rich in fluorescent Sodalite, which he branded Yooperlites. With testing done by the Michigan Mineralogy Project, they concluded that this find was the first verified occurrence of fluorescent Sodalite in Michigan.

In May of 2018 Erik was credited with the discovery in The Mineral News. In July of 2018 Erik had a Yooperlite picking video go viral around the world with tens of millions of views.

Yooperlites have now become a worldwide phenomenon with thousands of articles and news stories written about them. In 2019 Erik and Yooperlites were featured in both the April and May issues of Rock & Gem magazine, and PBS did a documentary as well. Erik was also featured on the Travel Channel show Paranormal Caught on Camera. Erik now runs Yooperlites.com and travels the world sharing his passion for Yooperlites with young and old alike.

New for 2021

Erik Rintamaki is offering a limited number of dates in 2021 for guided Yooperlite excursions. Pack your boots, your gear and get ready!

New Light Upgrades!

All tours come with a complimentary Convoy C8 Yooperlite Hunter Package!* ($99 value)! For the real rock fans of Yooperlites, upgrade during the booking process to the Pro, Expert, or even the insane "Bug Out Box" package!

New Tour Location!

We listened to your feedback! Our 2021 Tours begin at Pine Stump Junction! You'll enjoy plenty of parking, conveniences, fuel & food!

Tour Details

Month Tours start at


8:30 PM from Pine Stump Junction


8:15 PM from Pine Stump Junction


7:45 PM from Pine Stump Junction


7:30 PM from Pine Stump Junction


* Must be a full paying tour participant in order to receive complimentary Convoy C8 Yooperlite Hunter Package.

1 per participant.

Questions? Visit our Tour FAQ page.